Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Even though I have tried to be quiet about it, the last two weeks have been really brutal. Robert has suffered viciously, yet still soldiered on. I felt the least I could do was try to do the same.

But the last few days have brought improvement and relief; and as it rains upon us, my creative seeds begin to sprout again...novels and work are no longer stalled and it looks like I'll be able to go to ALA in Washington as planned. But more important than keeping the schedule intact, is the hope that it gives us that all may be well someday...maybe even someday soon.


Jen said...

Best to both of you. Strangers care and send good wishes.

Mitali Perkins said...

grace, grace, and more grace ... hope to see you at ALA and give you that hug I've been reserving for you ... it's getting bigger and bigger, so be ready.

gail said...

Hope gives strength. You're a strong person. I send you and Robert well wishes.