Wednesday, May 31, 2006

small magic

While at the New York Public Library during the Hi-YAH tour, a library clerk reshelved two books by my good friend Libby Koponen right in front of me. It was a neat moment, though at the time I wasn't sure why. It's only now, after reflecting (being able to stay consecutive nights in my own home helps me think), that I realize the magic of it. Libby's books were being reshelved, which meant they had been taken out. So, Libby's books were being read.

This may seem inconsequential, but it's really an accomplishment to marvel at. For, in the end, all an author wants is for their book to be read. Our books are like seeds, bursting with potential--but only blooming when it connects to a reader. A book only comes alive when someone reads it. It's really the miracle of life, for a book.

I feel like I should send Libby some cigars.

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alvina said...

Wow--that's awesome! Thanks for sharing. I work at a library, and I often wonder if some of the books ever get checked out. Same with when I worked at a bookstore--sometimes we got books in, shelved them, and the next thing I knew they were being returned. So sad. So it IS a small miracle when someone actually discovers the book and buys it/checks it out. And especially miraculous that a book that one friend wrote and another friend edited was reshelved right in front of you. I love these small coincidences in life.