Tuesday, June 27, 2006

so much food, so few meals

Unfortunately, I'm at my worst when it comes to professional socializing. Somehow, all the awkwardness and insecuritites that I thought I left in my younger years comes back and I am all akimbo. This makes attendence at conferences like the American Library Association's pretty stressful for me. So,rather than transforming in the teenage version of myself, Robert and I eschewed most of the function and ran around New Orleans eating.

Well, ran around is used figuratively. It was much too hot to do any quick movement. We slowly oozed places, as we melted in the heat--only to solidify in an air conditioned restaurants that increased our mass.

And we definitely increased our mass. We finally discovered the difference between gumbo and jumbalaya (gumbo is more like a soup), that beignats are fried dough and New Orleans bread pudding is like no other. Everywhere we went, a restaurant called us....and it said, "Why talk when you can eat?"


alvina said...

Mmmmmmm. Yummy. Funny, I just posted about food, too. Food is good, food is comforting.

I want to try that bread pudding!!!

Meg Canada said...

So good to meet you in the hotel lobby at the IC. Best of luck with Year of the Dog!!!

Meg Canada
Hennepin County Library

Grace Lin said...

nice meeting you too!