Wednesday, July 12, 2006

song lyrics

It's been a yo-yo of emotions here at mia casa, as I try to meet deadlines and catch up on past projects. Being an author and illustrator, is, when you think of it, a pretty selfish profession. It's solitary and demands time for personal thought; and when the creative burn begins it leaves little patience for needs of others.

I have never been able to achieve the proper balance of walking the tightrope of life and work; and this has never been as evident as it is now with my failures rearing many uglies. Thoughout all of this, these song lyrics by Kevin So have been on repeat in my head. Even though it's a lovely song, I can't help but feel it's a very junior high mentality that identifies with song lyrics. I hope it's because I am in my "young writing brain" that makes me connect with it so.

as i rush through empty streets
as i hustle to make ends meet
there's nothing worse than self-defeat
even the battle
nothing's easy in this life
but i don't want you to lose sight
will we ever take a flight across the ocean?

-from The Great Wall


Irene said...

I don't think it's "junior high" at all to identify with song lyrics. I think it's just human nature - to want to have a connection that means someone else feels or has felt the same way you do.

By the way, I love Kevin So! I saw him play live once. I think he's remarkable not just because he gives a voice to Asian-Americans (like you!) but also because he can stand on his folk-song-writing talents alone, even if the songs have nothing to do with ethnicity.

Grace Lin said...

Many years ago, I saw Kevin So play live and he was amazing. I bought his cd's and remember feeling disapointed that they didn't seem as good as he was live. So,I put the cds away and forgot about them. But, recently, I found them; and, now, when I listen to them I think they're really great. Funny how those things work, I guess it's all about comparisons and expectations.

R said...

So funny I just came across his CD again too. I remember the Banks St was awesome.