Monday, October 02, 2006

cupcake dreams

I am definitely riding a wave of happiness these days. Even receiving my discouraging royalty statement (which usually sends me into the depths of despair) seems like a just a slight dip into the water. Nowadays, I have been floating on my back, looking at the clouds.

My most recent castle in the sky has been the idea of leaving children's books and opening up a cupcake bakery. No, really--I have it all planned out. My friend Loretta, who is a real chef, would be the culinary expertise, Robert would design the small but quaint store (in the middle of Harvard Square), Ki-Ki and I would do all the logos and murals on the walls and I'd get all the girls to be partners. We'd call it "The Cupcake Garden" and students and tourists would line up along the streets just for our cupcakes. It'd be great, I know it. What do you think?

Ah, I've sold more cupcakes in my dreams than I have books in real life. The dreams are just so much sweeter.


linbinwrites said...

There is a store in New York City called the Cupcake Cafe which sells primarily you know what! Haven't been there yet since it's in an out of the way location but their buttercream icing has gotten raves. Someone is living your dream.
Nice to read things are going so well for you.

linbinwrites said...

Oh, it has a website!

Grace Lin said...

Yes! I know there are all these great, cute cupcake bakeries in NYC...but none here in Boston. That's why I think I should start one. I could have the local monopoly!