Wednesday, May 23, 2007

cautiously optimistic

It seemed like no sooner than I swept the cupcake crumbs from the floor, I was off on a plane to San Antonio to meet Robert. During my days of frivolity he was undergoing tests and filling out paperwork (I feel very guilty!). But all things considered, he did fine and I was glad to be by his side when he started his treatment today.

It’s a Phase I Clinical trial, so I know better than to expect miracles. But I can’t help see stars when the doctor tells us about the early promising results of the trial so far. Just thinking that there might be a possibility for the life we want makes me weepy; and it fills me with a reckless hope that this could be the answer we’ve waited so long for.


roz said...

My heart goes out to you and Robert, I pray all goes well.
Just wanted to let you know people in cyberspace (that you really don't know) are sending you sincere well wishes.

Phyllis said...

Just to let you know that prayers are being sent up for you and Robert for strength and peace that passes all understanding during this difficult time. ~Phillipians 4:7

gail said...

I second what Roz said. And also send my well wishes and prayers.