Saturday, May 05, 2007

japanese fiesta

Perhaps because it is Cinqo de Mayo, but Robert's reaction to my paper flower plethora was, "Wow, it looks like a Mexican fiesta in here."
"Mexican?" I said, suddenly realizing perhaps that theme wasn't quite in keeping with my girl-folding-origami-animals-book, "But my book isn't Mexican! It should look Asian!"
"Don't worry about it," he said, "Who cares?"

Well, I cared. After an unhealthy panic attack and brainstorm, I quickly folded some paper cranes to aloft lightly amongst the flowers.
"Does this make it look more Asian?" I demanded.
Robert paused, realized he was taking his life into his own hands, and then said a tad to heartily, "Oh, yeah. Now it works. Looks great!"

Methinks he was lying, but I have over 50 paper flowers that I refuse to let go to waste. Let the Japanese fiesta begin!


Barbara O'Connor said...

I think your flowers are beautiful. Very multicultural. :-)

I hope to make it to your book party - BUT I'm waiting to find out exactly when I will be going to NYC to move my son (he goes to Parsons). So, it's still a little iffy.

And Robert is Very Tactful.

Lady Strathconn said...

I think your flowers are really lovely. I didn't think they looked like a Mexican fiesta. They look very springy. I think Robert needs to go for a margarita.

Annie Donwerth Chikamatsu said...

Grace, they look like peonies (botan) which are now beginning to bloom here in Tokyo. I've never seen a blue one though that could be a whole other bloggroup or story.
Best wishes for a great party. I mentioned in another post not to go to the trouble of wagashi--it's an acquired taste. Do animal cookies!