Monday, August 07, 2006

my new ride

I've been searching all summer for an activity that I could enjoy and get me out of the house, because nothing makes me grumpier than realizing that a beautiful day has happened and I've spent it indoors at my desk.

However, running has lost it's appeal (in 90 degrees, forget it!) and walking is to slow (all I do is think about how I have to get back and work). So, the new solution was biking...all I needed was to get a bike.

So I did. And I heart it. Not only is it green and pretty, nothing brings back the wonder of childhood as you whiz downhill, with the wind in your hair. Such a simple pleasure, but priceless.

I was a little disappointed with the boring color of my helmet, so Robert put some pink flames on it to jazz it up. He knew then I'd be more likely to wear it. Since I'm not the most accomplished rider, he's afraid I'll crack my skull. I don't have that fear...the only thing I'm scared of is someone will steal my shiny new bike.


R said...

I love the color! So you. :) Ride over to Arlington on the Minute Man trail. I'll meet you we can go dog trotting/biking together!

alvina said...

Yay! So cute. Bring it to NY--we'll go for rides. My bike is bright orange.

Linda S. Wingerter said...

Aw, you should have gotten roller skates.

Nice flames, Robert!

Bright orange and green bikes will make a stunning pair.