Tuesday, August 01, 2006

quality not quantity

Even as a child, I never had a great many friends. This used to bother my in my teenage years, when I looked with envy at the popular girls with entourages. Giggling and perky, those girls had so many friends that there wasn't enough room at the lunch table for all of them. Jealously, I thought they were favorites of fortune-- their value increasing with each friend they had.

However, that was many years ago. Thankfully, those teenage years are over and I can now see how blessed I am with the friendships I've been given. A reminder of this was given to me this past weekend, when all the girls got together here in Boston. We celebrated Libby's birthday with pink cupcakes (cupcakes seem to be a trend, first Alvina gave me a cupcake necklace, then I sent some cupcakes to fuse8 and to Alvina, and now even more cupcakes for Libby); and once again I remembered how wonderful it was to have real, true friends. We even started a blog together(it's all children's book shop talk, come and join the fun!).

So, I can truly say I've grown up a bit. I no longer care that I don't have enough friends to fill an address book--in fact, I can count all of them with my two hands. But if you think about it, two hands is all I really need.


linbinwrites said...

I just wanted to say hello since I discovered your blog last night which led to reading your website which led me to reading your friend's blogs and websites. Then this morning I went to check out Verla's board,which has become an all too frequent habit, and there you were!

I just started a blog here to try to help with my writing. This is my first chance to post a comment.

I really enjoyed the bios of your family members. It was great fun to read. I guess I missed any hoopla of why you stopped writing one blog and then started another but I did enjoy what I read. You seem so creative and multitalented that it was fun to read about all you do. Some of the postings about your husband were so emotional but I think I actually responded most to your post about your friends and the cupcakes. I wish I had a friend who would make cupcakes for my birthday and vice-versa! I think your really lucky. I made cupcakes for my mother's 60th birthday party with silly frosted "likeness" of her. That's as far as my cupcake exchange has ever gotten.
Anyway, I've enjoyed reading your stuff. I guess its time to try one of your books!
Maybe I'll see you around Verla's.


Libby Koponen said...

This post really moved me -- and not just because I was the lucky Libby of the cupcakes. Friendship IS a gift, always, and I feel blessed to have been given such good friends at this point in my life. I did have a lot of friends as a child, and in my early twenties, but later I often isolated myself -- sometimes because I was trying to write (but sometimes, I admit, because of boyfriends!). Now I am writing AND have (a few) good friends, people I admire, trust, and just plain enjoy -- and a few is all I need. We talk seriously but we also have lighthearted fun together and some adventures are in store, too. Our friendship is a blessing and a gift. Thank you Grace for being my friend - and for writing so openly about the girls and what we/they mean to you. I feel the same way. And thank you for the cupcakes!

alvina said...

To my oldest friend:
I always speak of our friendship when I give talks at conferences,because it has been such an influence on my life and also on my career.But I've also realized at this conference that the warmth of the community around us has also played a huge role.So here's to a few close friends to hold dear, and a huge entourage of known and unknown friends surrounding us!

Grace Lin said...

Thank you, ladies for your lovely comments. I look forward to enlarging our circle of friends!

Linda- good luck with your own writing; and if you liked my family bios on my website and would like to try one of my books (please do!) I suggest YEAR OF THE DOG as my whole family is featured in it.