Thursday, December 28, 2006

what did you get for christmas?

Santa, disguised as Robert, got me the material item I most coveted this Christmas--a bright blue (in honor of the Blue Rose Girls)standing mixer! Yippee! I was going to stop making cupcakes, but this has brought new life to my favorite baking hobby.

Though, considering my recent food habits, it probably would be best if I stopped. Fat, salt, sugar and everything else bad (but tasty) has been ingested nonstop for the past 120 hours. I also got an extra couple pounds of weight for Christmas too.


Geri said...

HI Grace,
I know you like cupcakes and I found this site where the artist creates mosaic cupcakes and cakes. Very cool - I thought of you. I am a faithful blog fan of yours. :) Geri

Anonymous said...

it's so pretty! Yay to Robert!