Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Many people discuss why they blog and what they blog about, always keeping their personal lives private and carefully choosing their topics like presents off a Christmas tree. I wish I could do that. But blogging has become my crutch, a precious outlet for me to vent without guilt, and a way for me to acknowledge my own existence. As the days blend together in hectic silence and worry, it's almost as if I disapear into a blackness of tea that has seeped too long. At those times, my cup overflows, yet I hesitate to serve such a bitter brew to friends and family. So, instead, I find myself offering this personal drink here, on this blog.

I hope you have your own cream and sugar.


Ranida said...

We will always share a cup of tea with you, no matter how you brew it. Please never hesitate to serve it to us. (Even if you do hold back the tea, we'll just go online!) R&L

Connie said...

"Crutch" sounds so judgmental; yet who would deny a crutch to someone in pain? The proverb says, "Grief shared is half . . ." While that estimate undoubtedly is optimistic, you are welcome to any small lessening of pain or anxiety the sharing might provide.

Libby Koponen said...

I think about you & Robert a lot. However you are most comfortable telling what's going on is fine with me......I am pretty sure everyone who cares about you feels the same way. So email or call (pretty sure you will never do that beacuse I know you hate the phone, I'm just saying it would be fine) or blog or tell in person, it's all good.

I believe there is something in the act of putting things into words taht has an almost magical power, whatever anyone else says or doesn't say in response. Sometimes words in response seem (and perhaps are!) trite -- but I'm rooting for you and Robert and I know lots of other people are too.

cloudscome said...

I wish I could give you a cup of tea, with lots of sweet cupcakes on the side. Blog away girl.