Saturday, January 06, 2007

scarf envy

I've decided to take up knitting again. Two years ago when Robert was rediagnosed and waiting room sitting was routine, I taught myself how with internet instructions; it was strangely calming. Like our life, I could concentrate on one stitch at a time.

And for a while, I became a prolific knitter of scarves. Unfortunately, I didn't become a skilled knitter--I was never able to create anything more elaborate than my lumpy striped masterpieces.

But, after taking out my yarn again, I thought maybe I should start making some different kind of scarves, with different patterns or something. I looked on the internet for some inspiration.

And I found this scarf on Etsy:

Then I found these scarves, by a Twinkie Chan:

She also knits salad:

And (I've saved the best for last) CUPCAKES!!!

I'm so jealous! I want to knit cupcakes (and toast!). Somehow I think it might be beyond my knitting capabilities, though. At least for now...


Anonymous said...

I love them. I think I'm going to learn how to knit this year. For real this time.

R. said...

I'm fairly certain that all those items are crocheted, not knit. How 'bout taking up crochet?

Rita said...

These are amazing.