Thursday, March 15, 2007

coming to an end

My Hong Kong adventure is winding down and the end is within sight. I leave tommorrow after a whirl-wind last day of presentations, possible interview, workshop and dinner (my plane leaves at 1 AM!). I have more things to share and might post more later, but this will probably be my last post actually in Hong Kong. It's been a wonderful time. I've made new friends, taken over 700 photos, gained weight and have a whole extra bag of stuff to bring back. All the signs of a grand adventure.


Karin said...

I think it's safe to say we're all sad your trip is coming to an end. I have truly enjoyed reading about your adventures. What a fantastic opportunity!

Here's wishing you a safe trip back home to Robert.

R said...

Have a good flight back!! Thanks for sharing all your adventures. Can't wait to hear more about them in person. See you soon!

Libby Koponen said...

I am glad that I'll get to see you again soon, but so sorry that these posts are coming to an end! I have really loved following your adventures, including the FOOD. Can you learn how to make those greens and teach me?

Please tell Linda Sue that her advice about doing 500 words a day is taped over my favorite part is "I never know for sure what kind of day it's going to become. I sit down and do my two pages no matter...." this has gotten me started on many a crummy seeming day.

ANYWAY, thanks to her, and to you for these great posts! You describe Hong Kong much better than John Le Carre did in THE HONORABLE SCHOOLBOY. (SO there, writers for grown-ups!)