Tuesday, March 20, 2007

safely home

So after an 18 hour flight, I have finally arrived back home. And, more importantly, with all my Hong Kong goodies in tact. That includes the 8 egg tarts I smuggled out for Robert. I packed them in my bird cage which protected them quite nicely. Not smushed at all, though not as freshly delicious as they were in Hong Kong.

Unfortunately, I am having a hard time getting back into this time zone. I keep falling asleep around 6 pm and waking up at about 2 am, then napping at odd times of the day and have not yet been able to break the cycle. I also find myself very hungry at strange hours. Robert thinks it's just an excuse to eat all the egg tarts, which I first served to him inside of the bird cage like this. I thought it was gourmet plating, myself.

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Tricia said...

Welcome back, Grace! I have so enjoyed following your travels, that I am sad the trip has ended. I hope you have more to share. I'm sure Robert missed you. I do hope he is feeling better these days.

While you were in Hong Kong I learned that I will be spending nearly three weeks in China, Tibet and Taiwan in May and June. You have inspired me to bring my laptop and post updates on my blog. I only hope I can do as a fine a job as you did.