Saturday, March 31, 2007


I continue to associate with impressive authors even after returning from Hong Kong. Most recently, Janet Wong came to town and Elaine and I went out to dinner with her.

The other thing that continues, however, is my complete lack of directional sense. I foresee this inadequacy plaguing me for the rest of my life. And, somehow, this gets even worse (Robert asks, "Is that that possible?") when I am put in charge. Because even though we went to a restaurant ten minutes from my house, we got lost and I had to stop and ask directions. Yes, I've only lived here for about seven years.

So while Janet impressed us with her talent and wit, I impressed with my ability to get lost. But we did finally get to the restaurant and had a lovely time. Janet had visited the Hong Kong International School a couple months before me, and it was fun to compare notes. We also ate a lot of food. This is a picture of our dessert: bread pudding and gourmet baked Alaska. All I can say is YUM!

I think Elaine and Janet ordered especially large amounts of food as they were afraid it might be their last meal. I still had to direct them home.

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Elaine Magliaro said...


I eat every meal as if it's my last! That's the only way to truly savor the food that is set before me. Loved that Baked Alaska!!! Thanks for suggesting Oleana.

Get your taste buds ready for homemade potato pancakes...and a few of my other culinary specialties. We'll have a brunch to end all brunches when Janet comes back to town.