Sunday, April 29, 2007


During a recent renovation, friends of mine unearthed some old relics. Included were some newspapers from 1933. How times have changed!

For example, a 7-room rent for $71.00. and a house in Wellesley for $9800.! You can't rent a parking space for $71. here, much less an apartment. And wouldn't he mortgage on $9800. be sweet? Less then my condo fee! Ah, how I long for those old prices. I would be sooooo rich if real estate was still at that price. Okay, well at least not as poor.

But I can't say I'd want to be back in those times. I think my sense of humor wouldn't have fit in. Look at their comics:

Why is that funny? Am I missing something?

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Ranida said...

we don't get the comics either! ;P