Sunday, April 29, 2007

Party Preparations!

It's raining outside,very dreary and grey. But I don't notice too much because I am deluged with bright tissue paper, making a garden of paper flowers.

These flowers are going to be decorations for my party, I'm hoping to make a gigantic amount of them, a virtual "bower of flowers." When Ki-Ki heard that, she groaned, "You're not going to try to make 1001 of them are you, like the story of the paper cranes?" No, not 1001...but maybe 100!

Because party plans are going full steam ahead. I've been reading the advice of fellow book launchers and have been trying to think of ways to "theme" up my party. I thought maybe I would serve all Japanese food, as Lissy's Friends is about origami--even thinking about making wagashi--those cute little Japanese sweets. Ki-Ki quickly brought me to reality:

"Wagashi are hard to make," she told me bluntly, "They are made out of azuki beans!"
"But they are so cute," I said, "And there's no way I can buy them. Maybe I can make the simple square ones." (Wagashi are also really expensive).
"Even if you could, it'd be a complete waste," she said, "Those taste like ---."

You can imagine the last word. And while her opinion isn't exactly true (I think they taste pretty good), I have to admit she does have a point. Compared to a luscious cupcake, a dry rice-flour, bean filled block isn't very appetizing. Besides, I do have my hands full making paper flowers.


Lisa said...

Those flowers look amazing! How do you make them?

Grace Lin said...

Hi Lisa,

Here's how you make them:

the magic of the interweb!

gail said...

I sure wish I could come to your party! It does sound like fun. Oh, how I miss planning those theme parties for my girls when they were young! We always would have a craft to do at the party.

Just a thought, but maybe you could put out the intructions on "How to fold a paper crane" with a selection of your pretty papers and let the guests make their own party favor. I know I would want to make one!

Enjoy your day,

Annie Donwerth Chikamatsu said...

Wagashi is an acquired taste! I'd definitely go with something else. And something that is easier to make. Even animal shaped cookies would be easier! Unless you would feel obligated to "paint" all of them.