Saturday, April 14, 2007

talking, talking

Compared to my daily routine of sitting at home alone (or with Robert), social interaction of any kind is pretty unusual. But I've been up and about a lot these last couple of weeks and, gee, a couple of days in a row of having conversation makes me feel like a chatterbox. I'm starting to worry people are getting sick of hearing my voice. Of course, most of these discourses have been at school visits; and that does require me to talk.

Blank silence probably would be construed as very rude, which would be unfortunate. Luckily, some of my visits have included kids writing their own fortunes (in honor of my book Fortune Cookie Fortunes) so, talking or not, my good fortune should be assured.

Perhaps when I run out of things to say to people I should just hand them these slips of paper. Though they might want a verbal explanation of fortune #1.

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Daniel said...

I am so glad to hear that you have changed your life style, i so am aintroversive that i only like to talk with my friends on but when i saw some people i could say nothing.