Tuesday, April 24, 2007

smell the new car smell

So, we finally got our new car! Robert is just about bursting with pride. Everytime we get in or out of the car, he walks a wide circle around it, admiring its shiny glory. It is rather nice, so nice that I am a little intimidated that it is ours. It is black (Robert chose the color as he wanted it to be manly) and very high tech on the inside. There's a back up camera on it! Whenever you go in reverse it shows what is behind you onscreen. I had a momentary panic attack when I saw that:

"Did we have to pay extra for this?" I asked Robert.
"No," he said, "it comes standard with the car."

Well, in that case, I guess we'll keep it!

But all this slickness and gadgetry reminds me of Kitt in Knight Rider; and I half-expect the navigation system to address Robert as "Michael."


Beckyb said...

That is a great car - just had to say we ordered Lissy's Friends today and can't wait to get it!!! We are BIG fans over here!!!

Damaria Senne said...

Hello Michael (Knight). Car looks real nice.

Ell said...

Yay, Prius!!