Sunday, April 22, 2007

Capital District

I've been on the road again, this time to the Capital Area District Library in Lansing, Michigan. I didn't really see too much of Lansing and it was only after I returned that I found out that there were plenty o' pressed penny machines around if I knew where to look. Oh well, maybe next time!

But I did meet some very nice people, especially the marvelous Storybook Quilt Lady. I've always wanted to quilt and have had a soft spot for them, ever since reading about "tulip cotton warp" quilts in the Anne of Green Gables books (most specifically in Anne of the Island, when the next door "tobacco king" wants to buy the ones Anne has put out to air). Without a heritage of quilting or any exposure to it, I had no idea what those kind of patterns looked like. But my imagination made them glorious.

So I was completely touched and suprised when Linda, The Storybook Quilt Lady, pulled out a quilt she made based on my book Robert's Snow!

I don't think my photos are doing justice to her work. It was really great, she captured so many of the details that I put into my paintings--including the stamps on the wall, the dice and the scotch tape on the windows. So much fun! I might have take another try at making a real quilt myself.


Elaine Magliaro said...


Those quilts are great! What a neat idea.

gail said...

Very cool! So was your quilt shown in the link!


Linda said...

More book quilts can be seen at

It was a pleasure to meet you.
You are on my blog, too.