Wednesday, November 29, 2006

ego boost

I admit I'm easily influenced by other's opinions. My friend Jarrett once gave me the wise advice to never read reviews. "Good reviews just stroke your ego," he told me, "and bad reviews just make you feel bad. Neither makes the book better." Good point, and advice that I try to take to heart. However, I admit feeling a bit low when glancing through Kirkus' Best Books of 2006. Lots of great books, I thought, Aliens are Coming, Butterfly Eyes...but nothing by poor l'il old me.

Humbled, I settle down to read the MT Anderson interview, when lo and behold on the last page is a notice of MY book. Year of the Dog is listed as one of the best early chapter books of 2006!

I know it doesn't make the book better, but my ego sure likes it.

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