Sunday, November 05, 2006

grace goes to washington

I was in Washington DC this weekend for the Multicultural Children's Book Fair at the Kennedy Center. It was great fun, met neat people and all...but I have to say the highlight of my stay was the hotel room. Last year I traveled so much that I would forget what number room I was staying in. But this room will be remembered. Why? Let me take you on the tour:

First I enter and see a lovely vanity area and bathroom to my left. I forgot to take a picture of the actual bathroom but suffice to say that it is about 2 times bigger than the one I have a home.

Then the nice cushy bed, with the softest throw you can image (like a cloud). There's a sitting area and also an office table with free dsl and refreshments (including chocolate coveredbiscuiti). It's a little bit of a mess because I've already help myself and started to spread.

But the best part is when you turn the corner--there's a kitchen! I've never had a hotel room with a kitchen before. The refrigerator is full size and there's a bottle of sparkling apple cider waiting for me. Gosh, I could make myself at home...and never go back to my real home. Think Robert would notice?

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