Friday, November 17, 2006


I'm always really shocked when I realize people actually read this blog. Whenever I write, I usually assume the only ones reading it are my handful of friends and a few on the periphery. To be honest, I'd rather keep this illusion as stage fright occurs when I think about how much I reveal about my life (though I am trying to be better about it compared to my first blog).

Many a things that I write I don't say to people in person, even friends I am most comfortable with, because I just can't imagine anyone wanting to hear me whine all the time. Which is why perhaps writing and blogging is such a seductive pastime, it allows me to whine silently, sans guilt.

But recently, on the Blue Rose Girl blog I posted an excerpt of an essay on racism, which garnered a comment faulting me of excessive negativity. "I just get tired of stories like this," the insightful Sally J. commented.

And I realized silent or not, my words are still bellyaches and groans foisted upon readers. And this, I regret. Perhaps you, dear reader, think I don't have a sense of humor or have an inflated idea of my own importance--both of which is not true (at least I hope not). However, if that has crossed your mind, I am truly sorry.

But there are only about eight people reading this thing anyway, right?


Anonymous said...

Your words aren't bellyaches.

You should never feel the need to apologize for what you have written, least of all for something you've written on your blog, which is your private corner of the universe truly centered around you. If others don't like what you write, they don't have to read it.

And the point of excerpts like the one you posted? Because not all people are as educated or as open-minded as Sally J. Many people still face ignorance and discrimination and racism, and until those injustices are eradicated completely, we can only help the cause by exposing it to those who are unaware.

Roz said...

That is the beauty of the blog. It's a place for your YOUR voice, YOUR choice.
Your posts have never come across to me as whining.

cloudscome said...

People don't like to read about racism because it is too scary/threatening/ugly/horrifying. Try to talk about race and you will be shouted down in a million ways. Being accused of whining or negativism is just the first volley. Keep talking.