Wednesday, November 15, 2006

truly great review

My sister just sent me this link to a truly great review of The Year of the Dog. It completely made my day!

It's such a great review (almost nothing makes an author happier when they read someone who really "gets" their book) I'm considering sending it to the Cybils to use as a review of the day, but maybe that is too self-serving. I cringe at the possible tackiness of doing that, but my upcoming credit card bill is starting to make me shameless.


What Maternal Instinct? said...

There is no need to ask Cybils to post it as the review of the day. Cybils has found you. We are everywhere ... muahahaha!

Seriously, look for it Thanksgiving day. It'll stay up an extra day because of the holiday.

Grace Lin said...

wow, that was fast! The magic of the internet (or as my niece says "innernet"). THANKS!

What Maternal Instinct? said...

My pleasure.

Erin said...

Congrats on the review!!

I was at my library today browsing the "new books" shelf. I came across one book and thought to myself, "hmm...that author name looks familiar". All of a sudden I realized - "ooh! It's THE YEAR OF THE DOG by the author whose blog I've been reading!"

Anyway, I am very excited to read it. :-)

cloudscome said...

I am so happy you like my review! I am really looking forward to reading your next book too. I love the Lissy doll and the origami self-portrait. Charming!