Saturday, February 10, 2007


When the extended family gathered for Christmas at my parents' house, the star of the show was my 3 year old niece, Lily. On one grey morning the sun suddenly shone out from the clouds and streamed through windows. Lily burst into smiles and laughed. "The sun!" she cried out and proceeded to run throughout the house, calling to everyone, "The sun! The sun!"

At the time, her delight at such a small thing filled me with wonder. However, Robert's return from his 5-day emergency hospital stay has taught me the charm of these simple things. Just hearing him whistle in the shower makes me smile and want to run around the room with joy; and I feel as if the sun is shining through the clouds.


Elaine Magliaro said...

Lily is too cute. I love the outfit...and the smile. I'm happy to hear that Robert is whistling again.

"e" said...

What a cutie!!

Diane said...

Hello Grace,

I just wanted to say hello to you and Robert. I miss seeing you around L.A. I am sending you both lots of love and friendship.

Your blog writings are beautiful.

Diane Greenseid

alvina said...

Welcome home, Robert!

I love that story. "The sun! The sun!"

gail said...

So glad to hear the sun is shining on you again! Let the warmth soak in. I wish you and Robert a Happy Valentine's Day!