Saturday, February 24, 2007

time off

What's a girl do when her work is done? For me, I do what brings immense rejoicing to Robert's soul. I clean my studio! Yes, lo and behold I've organized(mostly), swept, and scrubbed the studio (otherwise known as the obstacle course).

You can see the floors! You can see that the tables are white! You can tell it's a pin-up board! I'm so proud, it had to be catalogued.

And perhaps a job well done is its own reward but while I was cleaning, inspiration struck me. As I was putting away my mounds of decorative paper, I found this Japanese print I bought a while ago. The little, glowing rabbits reminded me of the Chinese Moon Festival and I thought, hey, why don't I do a companion to my Chinese New Year picturebook and do a Moon Festival one too?

But maybe it's not a good idea. It might just be me doing the same thing over again, same type of books, same type of pictures and subject matter. Even though I'd enjoy it, I'm always afraid people think I rehash the same-o, same-o. So maybe I won't. I can't tell. I think the cleaning fumes are getting to me.


Steph said...

Is your studio pink?? I am currently fussing/hemming/hawing over what color to paint my studio to give it a fresh feel. How do you like the pink?

Happy "time off"!

Grace Lin said...

Yes, it's a very pale pink. I painted it that color because I wanted it to be relaxing & comforting. I'm thinking of repainting this summer to something more vibrant and energizing, maybe all white with one wall fuschia. Depends on how ambitious I get!

Sarah said...

I think a moon festival book sounds wonderful! And if it is something that you will enjoy, then why not do it!

gail said...

Cool (and clean) studio!
Cool paper!
Cool story!

Go for it! If you enjoy it, I bet others will too. You'll find out once you're into it if it's working. If you don't try, how will you ever know?